Registration for the exposition: availability

In the week you have chosen, several visitors slots are shown with their current status: green means that the concerned time slot is still free, red means that another visitors group is already registered.

Besides the periods during the day, it is also possible to organize an evening visit, for example for companies and organizations willing to integrate the expo in their evening activities. This will be subject of a specific demand.

When you click on the green time slot of your choice for your group registration, you will have to fill in several fields : this allows the responsible of the concerned visitors group to be contacted for further arrangements.
As soon as the chosen slot has been reserved, this one is blocked for other groups and appears in red in the schedule. For each time slot, the status can be followed online.

For sessions that are "On demand" please contact

Availability week 43

Date / Time10:00-11:3011:30-13:0014:00-15:3015:30-17:0019:00-00:00
Monday 25.10.2010Not availableNot availableFully bookedFully bookedOn demand
Tuesday 26.10.2010Fully bookedFully bookedFully bookedAvailableOn demand
Wednesday 27.10.2010AvailableFully bookedOn demandOn demandOn demand
Thursday 28.10.2010Fully bookedFully bookedFully bookedAvailableOn demand
Friday 29.10.2010Fully bookedFully bookedFully bookedAvailableOn demand
Saturday 30.10.2010Not availableNot availableFully bookedAvailableOn demand
Sunday 31.10.2010Not availableNot availableAvailableAvailableOn demand

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